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Live! You Didn't Die!

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Live! You Didn't Die!

"AWESOME! A must read! I recommend Live! You Didn't Die! to everyone who has been entrapped in a vicious cocoon of rejection."

"It not only helped me, but it showed me all of the friends and family that would be healed and blessed by reading it, also."

"This book is riveting and will bring healing to your soul and spirit as you read it!"

"If you are suffering and struggling with rejection PLEASE read this book. Rejection has no mercy; it will enslave you to your emotions."

"If you have a past you're trying to run from, trying to escape, you must read Live! You Didn't Die"

"The healing words that spoke loudly to my heart was how easy it is to test the spirit of a thought, and where to plant it when it is not of the Father, for He only gives the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This book brought tears of joy to me."

"My favorite thing about this book was the way the author loaded it with pertinent scriptures dealing with reasons for, consequences of and victory over rejection."

"As I read this book, Live! You Didn’t Die! I began to see that it would be a healing balm for all areas of society! Many have endured hurt and pain in their lives and have no understanding of how to overcome. Reading this book gives one the pathway to a successful victory that comes with experiencing forgiveness. A great read…"

"The book is really IS a lifechanger! Sandra is truely anointed for this work. And, while  God gets the glory, we (and, we are many in need) get the blessing!"

"You are a victorious warrior in the Kingdom of God. Your message is needed by those that have been wounded and rejected."

"I truly believe that God is going to use this tool He entrusted into your hands to impact the world in a great and mighty way and he will receive tremendous glory for the lives that will be forever changed---So many hurting people need this more than their next breath! God bless you richly for what you are doing!"

The Biggest and Best Trip Ever, Sandra's first book, was published March 2010. Sandra wrote this book for her grandchildren to understand what happens when a loved one dies and goes to heaven. It is a powerful tool to help a child get through the loss of a loved one.

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